DigiFish Dolphin

DigiFish Dolphin 1.0

Longing for an unrestricted, carefree feeling in the vast blue ocean?
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Longing for an unrestricted, carefree feeling in the vast blue ocean? Imagine yourself immersed in the ocean, sunlight penetrating down from the ocean surface, green turtles cruising around freely, schools of fish swimming past and the adorable dolphin calling you from afar. You can only get this carefree feeling by putting yourself into the DigiFish Dolphin world!

Dolphins are symbols of freedom, joy, grace, and tranquility. Their unique intelligence is amazing and they are capable of bringing delight to crowds all over the world. DigiFish-Dolphin gives you a rare chance to observe and play with the most realistic virtual dolphins in a fully 3D oceanic environment. Join and dive into the abyss with these charming animals. Enjoy the enchanting underwater scenes, complemented with realistic sounds of deep-sea life and relaxing music.


- Full 3D oceanic environment. Dolphin delivers an amazing amount of detail and high-quality 3D animation, as well as photo-realistic imagery with advanced natural light effects.
- Diverse creatures. Dolphin contains 3 species of dolphins (Bottlenose, Spinner, and Common) to chose from and 4 randomly appearing creatures. Explore the underwater world viewing large numbers of sunfish, turtles, sharks, tuna, marlin, snappers, and of course – dolphins.
- Tailing mode. Click the Tailing mode and the program will lock the targeted creature for you and you will tail it around the ocean. Rotate your viewing angle to fully appreciate the movements of the marine creatures.
Interactive Mode. Call the dolphin to play with you! They respond to your touch.
- Music playback. Besides a standard playlist, edit the list to and adjust the sound to your liking.
Widescreen Display. Works on a traditional 4:3 display as well as newer 16:9 and 16:10 widescreens.
- Atmospheric lighting. Ever changing daytime to nighttime lighting effects.

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